Answer: You cannot transfer public housing from your city to YMHA. All applicants have to fill out an application with YMHA at the Central Office or online. However, if you have a Section 8 Voucher, you can transfer your Section 8 status within YMHA guidelines

Answer: Contact the property manager at the development where you are currently living to begin the transfer process.

Answer: Call the Work Order Clerk to report the problem. The phone number is 330-742-2998.

Answer: YMHA has security cameras installed at several properties. There also is a 24 hour Criminal Activity Hotline that you may call at 330-744-1112 to report your complaints and the Youngstown Police Department monitors our developments regularly. We also have a resident patrol at Victory Estates located on the eastside.
Answer: YMHA has a Pet Policy for family/elderly developments.
Answer: This varies from site to site. Contact the site manager for this information.
Answer: No furniture, but we do supply a refrigerator and stove in each unit.
Answer: Yes, but only within YMHA guidelines. See your property manager.
Answer: No, all utilities are in the name of YMHA who is responsible to pay all utilities.
Answer: The application process is 15-30 days unless there is a problem getting clients’ verifications returned from various agencies.
Answer: Applications may be taken at Central Office or at any of the developments.
Answer: Anyone 18 years of age or older.
Answer: Anyone 50 years of age of older. However, for Lowellville park Apartments, you must be 55 years of age and disabled.
Answer: In some Cases, the property manager will permit a resident to pay security deposits over several months.
Answer: If you disagree with a YMHA decision, contact the Applications Department for an explanation. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding.
Answer: You should report any changes in your family composition or income to YMHA. A change in your family size or income may affect your current rent. YMHA will also want to be sure that your residence is large enough for your family. If it is not large enough, then you will have to transfer to a unit that will accommodate your family.
Answer: Contact your property manager to complete the necessary screening process.
Answer: Yes, the minimum rent is $50 per month.
Answer: Yes, per HUD guidelines.
Answer: YMHA does not have emergency housing