Family Self Sufficiency and Other Resident Programs

We have two programs to help our residents achieve self sufficiency.

The Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency Program provides YMHA residents with employment training, business development training and educational services. Through this program, residents can become certified in several different job skiills. The goal of the program is to assist residents in achieving economic independence.

For more information on Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency, please contact Pam Smith Coordinator, at (330) 744-2161, ext. 274 and Jonathan Bentley (330) 744 – 2161, ext. 248.

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Family Self-Sufficiency Program is designed to assist program participants achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency. The Coordinator meets with each resident to determine a plan of action for achieving his or her goals. Residents are required to develop a contract, and have up to five years to meet their goals. The FSS coordinator works with program participants to achieve their goals and provide opportunities in education, job training, counseling or other forms of social service.

Under both programs, an escrow or savings account is established on their behalf. When program participants complete the five-year program, the funds in this escrow account are given to them.

For more information regarding FSS, please contact Sheyra Vazquez, Coordinator, at (330) 744-2161, ext. 212 or Tamika Williams at (330) 744-2161, ext. 246 or .

Elderly and Disabled

Many of our senior and disabled residents need special assistance from a variety of health care agencies and social service programs. Our Elderly and Disabled Service Coordinator Program makes sure these residents are linked to service organizations that help them maintain an independent lifestyle. The program also coordinates educational and recreational activities for elderly residents.

For more information, please contact Puella Stoddard, at (330) 744-2161, ext. 6896.